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What we have, we share.

Welcome to this year's SVP Lenten Campaign entitled What we have, we share. 

We at Young Vincentians wanted to respond to that call and create an opportunity for our young people to have their voices heard as the cost of living crisis hits so many households.

Entitled What we have, we share, this year’s SVP Lenten campaign is an opportunity to show children and young people that we all have something to share with others and make a big difference to someone’s life. We are well aware that many of our children and young people with whom we work will be experiencing the effects of the cost of living crisis, but we want to emphasise that, even in the midst of a crisis, they still have gifts to share with others, whether it’s time, friendship or prayer.


The resources available include presentation slides for an assembly, classroom use, or a Mini Vinnies’ meeting. Our session is inspired by the story of the feeding of the 5,000 from the view point of the little child that gave Jesus their small offering of five loaves and two fish. There is also a real life story for the children to follow from our St Vincent’s community centre in Leeds. The session places prayer at the forefront and it outlines an important call to action; a prayer written on a fish-shaped piece of paper, and a group letter written to invite your local MP to start a conversation with the children.

This is a picture of all the Lenten resources.

A guide is being prepared for how to contact your MP and arrange a visit, and we would love to offer further assistance by sending one of our team or a member of our social policy team to school when a date has been fixed for a potential visit. This guide will be available from Ash Wednesday (22nd February) onwards, so do check back here for the link to that.

The Youth Team would love to see your display of prayers on the fish pictures and your Mini Vinnies with their letter to their MP.

Send these photos, along with the photo consent form(s), to [email protected]

You will find a group photo consent form, which can be signed by the Head Teacher if the school already has parental consent for all those in the photo.

If this is not the case, individual forms will need to be signed by parents/ carers and sent back to us by the Vincentian Co-ordinator.