Refugee Child

Show your support for a compassionate and humane asylum system

We believe that families and people seeking safety should be treated with compassion and dignity

The Government has recently passed the Illegal Migration Act. This new law will put many lives at risk, and will allow people and children to be detained or removed to third countries.

Across the England and Wales the SVP supports refugees and people seeking asylum. Many of the people we support everyday struggle to meet basic living standards, face destitution and homelessness, and can feel very isolated. 

Whilst the SVP responds to the immediate need and support of people facing challenges every day, we also understand the importance of challenging policies and systems at the root causes of poverty and discrimination. This is why advocacy and influencing are a key part of our work.

Make your voice heard today and respond with compassion and care to those at risk.

Together, we can fight for a more compassionate system and ensure that people fleeing war and persecution can be treated with dignity and compassion.