Make Poverty a Priority- Lenten Resources 2024

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These special Stations of the Cross and accompanying resources from the SVP help young people to pray and pause for a moment to think about the journey that Jesus took to the cross on Good Friday when he gave his life for us. This Lent, the SVP invites everyone to a year of encounter, a chance to meet others and make a difference. As they go on this journey with Jesus, they are challenged to see, think and do, and we would like to provide agency for our young people to identify those in power in their community to whom they can raise their voices and make poverty a priority.

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Make Poverty a Priority: Leader's guide

The Leader's guide contains all the information you need to run a successful campaign in your context this Lent. It covers the aims of the resource, the elements of the resource to make, and how best to use them.


Print visuals for the Lent campaign here and send us picture of your students Making Poverty the Priority

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Stations of the Cross  - Bold

Stations of the Cross - Inverted

Stations of the Cross - Small

Script for Stations

Download the visuals and the script for your Stations of the Cross.

They can be used as visuals around the classroom, school hall, or parish room to use alongside the other resources. 

Weekly Videos and Leader's Notes

These videos are designed to be used weekly and each have accompanying leader's notes. Download send them to staff leading the stations each week. *The links to the video are also embedded in the the leaders notes. Each week there is a call to action. Consider your own unique setting and the best way to coordiante the campaign. Some will ask the individual groups to feedback to a central Youth SVP group or Faith in Action/ Chaplaincy team. For others it might be appropriate for each class or group to come up with their own call to action.

Week 1: Video         Week 1: Leader's Notes

Week 2: Video         Week 2: Leader's Notes

Week 3: Video         Week 3: Leader's Notes

Week 4: Video         Week 4: Leader's Notes     Print out for Week 4

Reading Signs

A 30 - 60min session suitable for a lesson or a Youth SVP group, Faith in Action or Confirmation session.

Asking what we stand for and exploring how we can be authentic witnesses in the world around us.

Session Outline                       Symbols Cards         

Symbols Answer Cards          Saints Cards         I AM Worksheet